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Our Mission

The mission of Boulware Mission, Inc. is to help displaced individuals become self-sufficient through treatment, education and services.  Our focus is on recovery from the root causes that brought our clients to Boulware in the first place.  

About Us

Boulware Mission offers long term, comprehensive services for homeless and near-homeless men and women. Boulware primarily serves the Green River Area Development District (GRADD) of Western Kentucky which includes the counties of Daviess, Hancock, Henderson, McLean, Ohio, Union and Webster. The shelter is located in Owensboro, Kentucky.

The services provided by Boulware Mission are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Boulware provides clients with 3 nutritious meals per day, snacks, emergency clothing, personal hygiene items, secure shelter, case management services, outreach, advocacy, and referrals to local and regional resources along with follow-up services.

Money from the United Way, local and federal grants, churches, and private contributors pay for the cost of daily operations and services. 

Clients are accepted for services without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, gender identity, disability, genetics, ancestry or veteran status. Boulware is not, however, a medical or assisted living facility and is not equipped to serve individuals who require assistance with daily independent living activities.

Additional Information You Should Know About Boulware

  • Boulware Mission is a faith-based, non-profit shelter.
  • Boulware has been supported primarily through private donations by the community since it was established in 1921.
  • Boulware functions on the premise that homelessness should be ended, not managed.  Clients are offered life-changing services which will help them become self-sufficient.
  • On average, residents remain at the mission for 71 days, but they are strongly encouraged to "stay longer to grow stronger."
  • Boulware's Financial Literacy Program has helped many of our clients save money for the first time in their lives.  Many leave with their debts paid down AND with money in savings!
  •  Approximately 80% of clients struggle with substance abuse and, on average, 68% of residential clients participate in the licensed substance abuse treatment program offered at Boulware.
  • Boulware offers treatment services to the public in an effort to stop homelessness before it begins (a huge percentage of the homeless population became homeless due to substance abuse).
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