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Boulware's Annual Report

Good Things Happening Here  

KBF Grant Presentation

Photo from Kentucky Bar Foundation Luncheon.  For more information about the KBF, click here.

Boulware Mission had a door opened to us this year presenting the opportunity to open an all-female substance abuse treatment program.  This program is led by women for women and focuses on the unique challenges and needs that women in addiction face.

Coupled with the treatment program, these women also receive the other benefits of Boulware's Self Sufficiency program that are usually reserved for residential clients, which include case management services, financial literacy classes, and employment skills.

The program is open to the public and offers participants the ability to live at home while going through a licensed treatment program.

Because of this program, we have been abel to serve more women from Daviess County in the last several months than we served from Daviess County in all of last year!

Boulware was the recipient of grants from two sources, the Owensboro Health Community Health Investment Grant and the Kentucky Bar Foundation, to help fund this important project.

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