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 Miss Boulware 

A Monument of Love

They say that anything that is not passed down for at least three generations will be lost forever.  This year, Boulware Mission celebrates its 95th anniversary.  Because many (okay, most) of us were not around during its early years, we want to pass down soem of the Mission's history.  It's not 100% complete by any means, but the Mission has meant so much to so many that we didn't want to miss this opportunity to share the highlights with you. 

Today's Mission began as the dream of a 2nd grade teacher in the early 1920's.  Miss Milton Boulware took Christ's command to feed the poor and shelter the homeless seriously and she devoted her entire life to helping others.

Early in her career, Miss Boulware's studies took her to Chicago, where she worked alongside social work founder Jane Addams at the famous Hull House.  After returning to Owensboro and becoming a teacher, she saw the need for a similar program in the neighborhood where she taught.  She wanted to provide a spiritual, moral, cultural and religious influence in the infamous Potter's Corner, around 7th and Hall Streets, which was noted for juvenile delinquency, drukenness and murders.

"Miss Mitt", as she was lovingly called by her friends, collaborated with Florence Pendleton, Prentice Farmer and Sarah Morrison, all teachers at Franklin Schook, and with Erma Bartlett, Miss Mitt's sister and attendance officer for the City Schools, and through the efforts of these five women, the Gospel Center Mission was founded on May 23rd, 1921 as a settlement house and a place where neighborhood children could be supervised and feel safe.

The original Hall Street building was purchased and renovated at a cost of $2,500, a small fortune at that time.  $1,500 came from the Christian Men's League and the rest throught contributions from businesses and civic minded residents of Owensboro.

The Mission had been in operation less than a year when nine businessmen who had been supporting the project decided that it should be incorporated and on April 11, 1922, the Gospel Center Mission was recognized as a non-profit corporation.

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