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Owensboro, KY 42303

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Our Programs

Boulware Mission is a shelter for displaced men who are trying to change their situation and start over. We understand that combating the host of problems our clients are facing is not just about providing a bed to sleep in at night.  Each client is different and the definition of success is different for each person.  Physical health issues, addictions, low educational achievements, family disintegration, poor coping and problem solving skills, lack of affordable housing and jobs, and lack of necessary life skills are among some of the issues thatBoulware Mission operates 24 hours a day contribute to hopelessness and lowered life expectations for those we serve.

Boulware Mission fosters positive change in the lives of displaced men by providing shelter, education, rehabilitation, and substance abuse treatment, empowering them to achieve healthy and independent lives.  Our ultimate goal is to alleviate the core issues that brought our clients to us in the first place and to see them become self-sufficient individuals.

How do we do this?  When individuals come to Boulware, they are assessed and assigned a case manager who works with them to identify the reasons behind their situation.  Once identified, the case manager develops an individual service plan that addresses their needs.  
Boulware Mission offers a myriad of programs to our clients; including, but by no means limited to, those designed to address: physical health, mental health, effects of addiction on the family; legal issues; spiritual health; emotional health; forgiveness; anger management; financial literacy; budgeting; family living/ parenting; coping skills; life skills; education/training; employment skills; relapse prevention; compulsive behaviors; exercise and meditation; and housing.  We also offer DUI and Prime for Life classes to the public; the ‘Alcohol and Other Drug Entity’ Treatment program is licensed under the KY Cabinet for Health and Family Services.  For a more extensive listing of our services, see our program listing.

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